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4th Feb 2015 | by: Boris Teodosijević

Last name and first name Year of birth and death
Donáth Edéné born Grünwald Jetty 1858-1938
Basch Morné born Donáth Szerén 1899-1977
Viličić Kata born Basch 1922-2006
Donáth Adolf 1914-1918
Donáth Sándór 1914-1918
Donáth Zsiga 1914-1918
Donáth Adolfné born Schreger Jolán 1945. Steresienstadt
Donáth József 1944. Auschwitz
Donáth Jenö 1944. Volksberg
Donáth Jenöné born Künstler Irén 1944. Auschwitz
Donáth Lilike 1944. Auschwitz
Donáth Anikó 1944. Auschwitz
Donáth Miklósné born Kraus Piroska 1944. Auschwitz
Donáth Édike 1945. Adarhós
Donáth Sanyika 1944. Auschwitz


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